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    • For the 7 day trial, no charges are made until the end of the 7th day following a subscription sign-up. Charges start on day 8, and will continue to bill every 30 days until cancelled by the member.
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    • For the 7 day trial on the yearly subscription plan, no charges are made until the end of the 7th day following the subscription sign-up. The yearly rate will be charged at the start of the 8th day and continue on a yearly (every 365th day) anniversary until canceled by the member. For example, if a member signs up in January and makes a request to cancel their membership on April 14th, they would be refunded for May – December (66% of the original purchase price).
  6. All members who leave in good standing are able to resubscribe at any time for any of the paid plans.
  7. 7 day trial subscriptions are only allowed one time per calendar year for any email address or individual.
  8. The administrator of this site maintains the right to cancel or revoke a membership at any time if they feel that the member is abusing the privileges granted to them under the terms of the site located on this page.  Examples of actions that may cause a membership cancellation  includes any indication that multiple users are signing in under a single user subscription plan or members are sharing a login access with others.
    • Refunds for memberships that are revoked under this clause may not be refundable, and will be at the sole discretion of the administrator of the site.
    • Members agree to this clause and authorize any administrative action when they request a membership to access the members-only areas of this site. Members also agree that by the action of accepting a membership to this site, they will refrain from any legal action or mediation action and accept membership fee forfeiture without argument if their membership is revoked for behavior issues or membership misuse violations as outlined in the behavior terms section of this page.


By requesting a membership and signing into the private access areas of this site, members agree to follow the terms outlined on this page regarding appropriate behavior and use of the forums and topics in discussion areas of this site. This includes comments posted by the member in any forum or responses a member may post to specific comments posted by other members of this site.

We are a professional community of leaders, potential leaders and understand that our actions will always be scrutinized to a higher level than others with whom we may work in any type of organizational environment. As such, we must hold ourselves to a higher standard than others in how we conduct ourselves both within and outside of the business environments. While using this site, appropriate professional behavior is required of all members. We should remember the purpose of the this site is to learn and improve leadership and management qualities in ourselves and other members. Forum topics and discussions need to follow this same purpose. While some leniency will be allowed, the moderator of the site holds the right to remove or redirect topic and and forum discussions with the intent of preserving the key focus of this site on leadership improvement and development.

The following behaviors are grounds for immediate membership revocation and access removal at the sole discretion of the site owner:

  1. Personal attacks on other members, direct and implied.
  2. Persistent criticisms of other members or member comments that are not constructive in nature.
  3. Use of vulgar language in posts, comments, or topic subjects.
  4. While we do not subscribe to or feel a need for “political correctness” we will not tolerate direct attacks or demeaning comments based on biological sex, sexual orientation, or race/ethnicity.
  5. Members should refrain from comments that discuss religion, political viewpoints, or are