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Advancedleadershipsolutions.com (a part of Advanced Leadership Solutions, LLC), is owned and operated by Bradford Chase for the purpose of encouraging open and honest discussion among senior leaders, middle management leadership, and new or prospective leaders to improve organizational teamwork and performance.

The desired outcome from utilizing this website is to develop additional dialogs which will assist current leaders in need of information to improve their performance, grow new leadership with proper supervisory foundation principles, and network all leaders for best-practices currently in use across multiple business organizations. The site is designed to grow through the community of individuals who populate it, adapting to the needs and desires of its talented members.

Working as the Moderator for this site, Mr. Chase brings with him more than 30 years of senior level leadership in both military and civilian settings. His background is very diverse with demonstrated success and a proven track record in multiple fields including military strategic planning and flight operations, healthcare (patient care and administration), and emergency medical services administration. He is a licensed physician assistant, graduating with academic honors from Wake Forest University School of Medicine, and continues to practice in Primary Care medicine at a local clinic. He also owns an active and successful executive coaching business that includes clients from a number of Forbes 100 companies. He uses his skills as a semi-professional photographer (www.wanderingpixels.com) as an excuse for adventure and to populate one of his blogs, Philosofoto.com. He is a licensed pilot and lives by the credo of “High Flight.”